Friday, October 29, 2010

Tens for Tela

Update!!! We raised $1500 in just 48 hours! thank you so much for your support for a fellow PNW cyclist.


I'm trying to raise $1500 to support my friend and now former teammate, Tela Crane, to train for a month in California to work with the US Cycling sprint coach. She recently placed 2nd at Track Nationals in the Team Sprint--see Cycling News.

Locally, Tela donates massive amounts of time to support and run youth development programs for our local Marymoor Track and is an all around great gal who deserves this opportunity.

However, all big opportunities come with some burden, but it's a lot of stress to deal with financial burden when she needs to be the best at her game. So, I'm taking over to get this done quickly and painlessly, as this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for her that she shouldn't miss because of money. So, let's do this.

She will be training from November 28 through December 21st, and missing a month of work. While she is still looking for host housing, the options are slim. I figure $1,500 can get her a hotel at the US Cycling discounted hotel by the track and also provide some gas money. And if she gets host housing, then the money can help out with other expenses.

If you can give $25, $50, or any amount, it would help. We can reach $1500 very quickly. I'll keep you posted on the progress.

Thank you!!!

Gone Pro

I just signed for the 2011 season with Tibco!!!

I'm super excited about this opportunity to ride with a stacked roster, which will lend to some serious butt kicking.

I've also started working with six-time national champ and world record holder,  Dotsie Bausch from Empower Coaching Systems to up my game and  be the best domestique or stage winner or wherever my talents lie and are needed.

Thank you to all for your support throughout the season. I'll be having a "Wheeler Gone Pro, Yo" party next Saturday to celebrate and thank you for your support. If you're interested in attending, e-mail me for details: or if we're facebook friends, the party evite is up there :)

Thank you again for all your support in making this dream come true!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Monday, October 25, 2010

Long Winters

The rain and grey has hit Seattle. It rained all day yesterday and today, a reminder of the long, rainy winter to come.

This time last winter I had begun training with the goal to go pro for the next season. Now one year later, I'm sitting, stirring, anxiously waiting to see if I have accomplished my goal. I hear it's a waiting game sometimes in the cycling world, especially for fresh meat like myself.

Regardless of what happens, I've started preparing for my next season, which I want to make better than the last. I've also struggled with the ups and downs of having my organs removed and all the side effects of that. I called my doctor, complaining that I was fatigued, explaining that after riding 16 hours last week, I just felt really tired and irritable. She laughed out loud, explaining the seriousness of my surgery and just being able to be on the bike at all is HUGE.

Sometimes I get so caught in the future that I forget to slow down and take care of the present. And if I ignore or dismiss it, everything seems to compound and overwhelm me. So, right now, I'm thinking about today, and thinking about that I only need to handle this moment and nothing else brings much needed relief.

I have to give some credit to this effort to change my outlook to the Long Winters (and music in general--so thank you, Music). I saw them play this song this weekend. I guess the song is about being in space and to me it's about finding that sensation inside that makes you feel alive. Racing my bike gives me that feeling. And when I can't control the other variables around me, I'll just think about the revolutions of pedals.

Friday, October 1, 2010

For Sale

I took a big plunge today and posted all my furniture on craigslist. I'm selling my bed, couch, dresser, bookshelf. A bit scary, but necessary.

I am moving in with one of my friends. I wanted my own space but have come to terms that I have to make sacrifices, especially if I want to save up enough money to get out of debt, train in other locations, and race next year.

I'm still working hourly at my instructional design job, but I refuse hours so that I can train and rest as needed. The surgery took a lot out of me and I would find myself more tired than usual--duh--especially since I started training again.

I took a baseline test today and, well, I have a lot of work to do. It's motivating though. I'm sure in a couple of weeks, I'll improve drastically.

Yesterday was my six week anniversary of my surgery. I had a really good call with a pro team and I gave notice on my apartment today.

Gulp. Big changes coming up.