Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Lava Strava!

What? I saw that on a license plate somewhere. Really. No...I didn't. I've lied to you. It's true. I made it up...just a few seconds ago. Hard to believe, yes, I know.

That was my poor introduction in an attempt to make this news even more awesome than it already is...(and Fresh Prince says)...Drums please!....I have Strava and Garmin discount codes for you! They work, too. Use them because I get credit when you do! Yay for credit...and scratch and sniff stickers from the days of elementary school that look like grapes w/ eyeballs and say "Grape Job!"

(If you don't know what Strava is, go to the Website or skip down to my Q&A.)

Here is an example of an easy ride I did, just cruising around Mercer Island. (What? No, I didn't photoshop anything. 5,000 watts is pretty typical for me with a 130bpm heartrate, give or take a few watts.)

Strava Subscription Discount Code
Promotion code is: TTJENNIFER10
If you do not already have a Strava account, go to and click on "Sign Up" and create your account. Once logged in, click on "Free Plan (upgrade)" in the top-right of the nav bar. You will see a box to enter your Gift Certificate.

If you already have a strava account, click on your settings in the upper right corner of the page, and then click to "Account." Then click "change plans" and enter your promo code on the following page.

Garmin 500 Discount Code
Promotion code is: TTJENNIFER25
Step 1: Go to Create your Strava account and enter credit card and shipping information.
Step 2:Click on the link "Have a promotion code" just below where you enter your credit card info. In the box that appears, enter your promotion code.

Step 3: click on the "Sign up" button at the bottom and confirm the price of $224 (plus CA tax if applicable) on the next page

Now then, here is the Strava Q&A...

Q: What is Strava?
A: It's an online bike club basically where you can upload your rides (with a Garmin or the Strava App on a smartphone) and then compare rides and compete against others who have ridden that ride. You can also look at Pro riders and follow them in tours to view their data, speeds, etc.

Q: I record all my data in a journal. Why would I want to publish my data on the scary Internet for others to see?
A: Because journals are like paper checks--get with the now, Granny! But seriously, it's a great place to keep all your data and compare your PRs on rides you do every day. The program compares your speeds/distances and informs you if you got your PR and shows you how far off or AHEAD of others you were on rides. Plus, I don't know why people are so secretive of their training data. Do you really think others are taking the time to analyze your data and create a training plan exactly like yours so that they can beat you in the next race? I don't think it really works that way. If it did, I will probably beat Ben King from Radioshack in his next race because well, I saw that he did 5x10s on Strava...and I did those, too...once....

Q: I already pay to use another program to house my data. What makes this better?
A: Well, in most programs you have to go back in your calendar to compare your progress. For example, I usually do my shorter intervals on the same stretch of road for consistency. To compare my workouts in the "other" programs, I would have to pull up my current workout and then make notes of my speed/power/HR and then fish through my workouts until I found the last time I did that workout and then compare the numbers manually. In Strava, it will automatically show you your previous performances on that stretch and give you little QOM trophies or medals--which are basically as good as the "Grape Job!" stickers I mentioned earlier.

Q: I ride for fun and am not fast. I'll never get these virtual medals, so what's in it for me?
A: Well, besides all the other features I described, it's a great place to record your rides and look at maps of the distance you've covered. It tells you all the features like elevation gained/loss, average speed, and even estimates your power for you. Strava also has several competitions and sends out REAL prizes--instead of just virtual medals--to those people who have recorded the most feet climbed (it doesn't care how fast you've climbed), the farthest distance ridden, and the most rides on a monthly basis. There's a leaderboard where you can see your progress. So go climb a mountain 7 times a week and you'll probably get some cool schwag.

Q: Is "I Lava Strava!" the best rhyme you could come up with?
A: Yes. You have a better idea? I'd love to hear it. Seriously. I don't hate, just congratulate.

And to close, the source for my "Drums Please!" quote

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bring on the Wolf

The past few weeks I've just been training for nationals. I think there must be a full moon coming or something because I just started to think about Teenwolf.

This will probably happen at my next race. Probably on the ramp before the TT. 5-4-3-2-1 and Hello Teenwolf!

Look how similar we look...

I'd also like to give a shout out to the celebrity appearance of FRANCIS in the Teenwolf video above. "Francis is busy! He's having his bath!"

Oh tee hee hoo hoo. I'm sure the 100 degree heat in a couple weeks in Georgia (where nationals is occurring) will wipe the silliness right off my face, right into the puddle of sweat below me.