Thursday, September 8, 2011

Being a CTS Athlete

As a pro athlete, I have very high expectations of my coach, Jason Tullous, at Carmichael Training Systems (CTS). We've been working together almost a year (one of the longest relationships I've ever had in my life) and I would definitely give him a "Like" on Facebook. After I recently migrated to Colorado Springs, he must have thought I'm ready to take my training to the next level because he arranged for me to take a tour of the CTS "headquarters"

I thought it was just going to be a meet and greet and didn't think too much about it. I was about to discover, however, that to become the best, when choosing a coach, you must look beyond the laymen fundamentals of boring stuff such as experience, proven success, a customized training plan, and regular feedback. What matters even more are all the perks that come with these fundamentals. Yes, it's these perks that when combined with the right coach, will give you that edge you need to take it to the next level. Here are the perks I learned about...

1.  Fountain Sports Drinks and Gels
Hard day of ASDFJKL'ing? Have a drink and perhaps a gel from the buffet tray.

2. Indoor Race Simulations
Don't tell Levi Leipheimer, but this CTS client totally kicked his ass in this stage of the US Pro in Colorado (I saw it!). And yeah, she is reading a magazine.

3. A Wattage Cottage Workout Room
Watts don't grow on trees. You gotta build strength to break 2000 watts on your recovery rides.*
*Breaking 2000 watts on your recovery rides is not endorsed by CTS but rather hyperbole used by the author to portray an element of humor.

4. An HGH Room
Sleep is required for lots of HGH, so why not put a massage/bedroom next to your cubicle?

5. Yellow Jerseys
You don't necessarily need to have earned it yourself--you just need to have one.

6. A Personalized Cubbyhole

This dude won't be back for awhile, so I've agreed to timeshare his space. (I think the walnut shade really looks nice with my jacket.)

7. "Retired Pro Seek n' Find" Picture Books
Jeff was convinced he was in this book but could only find half of his arm and a centerfold of his teammate.

8. A Smiley Support Staff

Special Ops guy Jim Rutberg, and Adam Pulford, the guy who set up my training account--no, he doesn't read my daily training (a.k.a. diary entries), not even the laughable "boo hoo I'm going to crack entries." I asked.

Anyway, so yeah, it was a good day to see what all goes into the CTS operations and meet some of the staff who cross checks my training plans. I felt pretty cool to get the VIP treatment and like I was some famous journalist with my expensive iPhone camera, snapping pictures and asking poignant questions like "Can these computers access the Internet?" and "Really, now, what's a high maintenance client--like how many calls exactly?"

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Chris Carmichael and I are like best friends now. Yeah. Whatever, you know, no biggie. Well, OK, I didn't actually meet him but I took a picture of his office, so you's like the same thing...

Seriously, I want to be friends with anyone who has two desks in their office. Don't you?