Friday, November 11, 2011

For Chris Kreidl

As a child of veterans, how appropriate that I post a blog on Veteran's Day. I am also a veteran blogger as I at once had three blogs--my favorite being a Coffee Commuters blog in which I co-wrote with my friend Lind Say. Well, I don't recall her writing more than one post, but she contributed by modelling and posing with bikini baristas.

Note that ever since I've became a competitive cyclist, I've been ridiculed for not drinking alcohol, eating only salad and apples, and I've even been called "Not Fun"! Can you even believe that? These comments aren't coming from people who are jealous of my cycling abilities or my enormous salary--though they may be jealous of my large ass--but instead from people who miss the days when I would go out drinking and stay out late and start shenanigans and howl at the moon and get up and go play outside all day. But now instead I'll respond to invitations of "fun" with "As if!!! It's my recovery day," or "I might pull a hammie." or "I might gain an ounce." I do, however, spend an incredible amount of time on the internet, googling ailments, watching Netflix on my ex, ex boyfriend's account (At what time is it not important to note which generation of ex you are referring to? And could I instead say, my ex twice removed? What does twice removed even mean? I'll google it later.), downloading to Strava, and reading Facebook.

Anyway, my life sort of reminds me the Revenge of the Nerds--but only when they get moved to the gymnasium and they all just lie around, play cards, or perhaps watch Poindexter rehearse on his violin. (The rest of the movie is WAY more exciting than mine today.)

And this Revenge of the Nerds reference is appropriate because I am now residing in Tucson, Arizona, for the winter. And while I was riding through the University of Arizona campus yesterday,  I was listening to Simple Minds radio and was strangely reminded of Revenge of the Nerds. I thought it was the combination of the 80's music and the college campus but I quickly found out from my real life friend--not google or a Facebook friend that I've never met--that the movie was filmed here in Tucson and that's why it looked familiar. That made my day.

By the way, this is totally what our pep talks are like during stage races.

Anyway, so Chris Kreidl, who reminded me on Facebook that I haven't blogged in two months, my life is a bit uneventful at the moment, which is why I haven't blogged. And I could take a small tidbit and blow it up into a multi-paragraph, comical blog post--but it's Veteran's Day for vet's sake! Take a moment and thank your vets for their service. (P.S. I thanked my mom, ex-marine, who served in the first Iraq war, for her service. And she said, "What are you talking about?" so instead I thanked her for her service as an employee at Stewart's Ice Cream shop when she was young.)